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Why do I need a Host code?

Host codes allow you to receive personal advice from the source that you trust. By entering a Host code, you are accessing customised information, activities and experiences that are specific to you and your trip. Host codes also create a private environment whereby you can benefit from supplier deals and offers that can't advertise elsewhere.

What fees does Joystic charge?

Joystic is free for travellers, forever. We charge no booking fees and no cancellation fees. Refunds are paid according to the refund policy of each Supplier. Hosts pay us a subscription fee for delivering their travel assistant to you.

What do I need Joystic for?

Joystic is your personal travel assistant during trips. It is designed to help your Host serve you with information, advice and purchases. Our platform lets you connect with local destinations to manage your own itineraries, bookings, cancellations, refunds and more. We give travellers superpowers so they can spend less time doing admin and more time having fun.

What if I need help with my trip?

If you need help that can't be completed in the app, please contact our Assist team via the app and we will respond within 24 hours. For any urgent enquiries our team is available on +61 410 533 931.

How do I change my Host?

To follow the advice of a new Host, simply update your Host code in the profile tab of your app.

Can my friends use Joystic as well?

Anyone can use Joystic, providing they have a Host code. If you would like to recommend our app to others you must also share the applicable Host code. Our platform is designed to reward word of mouth. So get the word out!

What if I can't find what I want to do?

If there is a product or activity you know about but can't find, please let us know via the Contact Us section of your app. We will help you make it happen as well as update our platform so future travellers don't have the same problem.

Can I become a Host?

Anyone can become a Host. If you are interested in creating your own travel assistant to share with others, please click the Start Hosting button above.