What it means to Host

The assistance difference

Free and honest advice

Build trust by sharing local knowledge: Landmarks, experiences, events, drinks and eats. Travellers love getting help beyond a sales pitch.

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Local connectivity

Connect travellers seamlessly to local suppliers. Send push notifications. Enable special deals. Get rewarded with trailing commissions.

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How it works


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The travel assistant relevant to your brand's audience.


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Share Joystic with your host code for private traveller access.


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Commission revenue from purchases made by your customers.

Mission question:

How might we use mobile technology to help tourism work smarter?

Joystic is a team of Australia's most experienced tourism engineers. Over our careers we've driven buses, talked to customers, created markets and taken travel brands around the world. Joystic is about owning the problems we had, with the platform doing things differently.

24-hour travel services for $990/year

The profitable way to sell travel. Travellers now self-serve via their smartphone for the help they want, from anywhere, at any time.

Don't waste on unnecessary retail space, closing times, wages, incentives, trainings or brochures.

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Product Superpowers

Our marketplace unlocks the power of smartphones for product suppliers and their customers.

Create custom products. Offer private deals that can't be found online. Send targeted push notifications. Get automated bookings from informed travellers. Plus heaps more.

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Commission used wisely

First, transform retail operating costs into third-party transaction fees. Remaining profits are then shared evenly between Joystic and the Host.

You bring the customers, we facilitate purchases and provide in-trip support.

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Community Giving

10% of Joystic marketplace profits are donated to social impact initiatives in our local community.

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Host the most

Become a Host and reach your audience on a whole new level. Joystic changes the game for customer experience by moving sales from behind the computer, into the hands of travellers. Now you can delight customers, unlock profitability and use tourism to do good.

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Local travel assistance

Travellers want to be treated as more than a customer. Rather than being sold, they need our help. Joystic lets travellers form meaningful connections with Hosts through local knowledge and in-trip assistance that transcends sales.

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A better way to get bookings

Joystic gets the right products to the right customers, at the right time, in the right way. New efficiency means lowers commissions, better connectivity, no breakages, and a healthy ROI.

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Designed for purpose

Within Joystic, we want tangible ways of giving back in local destinations. Our travel assistant allows stakeholders to work together in good faith, reducing the negative impacts of tourism and sharing benefits within local communities.

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Absolutely Superb!

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Safe and Secure

We empower Hosts to better serve their customers. Keeping everyone's data private, secure, and compliant is fundamental to this effort.

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Frequently asked questions

Why should my business become a Host?

Becoming a Host means helping your customers like never before. Our industry-first travel assistant will impress travellers and make your brand more profitable. Sell travel without the risk of running a travel desk. The Joystic mission is to help tourism work smarter and keep revenue in local business.

How is Joystic different to other travel apps?

Joystic is not a direct to consumer brand. We rely on our network of Hosts to share our app for travellers to use. This model ensures our distribution costs are reinvested in tourism, not wasted on paid ads. We also design systems to help suppliers, not just sell their products.

How do I get my customers using Joystic?

Travellers need your Host Code in order to access the travel assistant. Depending on your customer journey, this should be shared at the most impactful time across any medium - booking confirmation, email, front desk or in-trip word of mouth.

How much can I earn as a Host?

Hosts earn a commission on all products sold through their travel assistant. Commissions vary depending on supplier product but you can expect to earn approximately 5% of gross purchases. The more you sell, the more you earn. If there are products your customers want to buy that aren't currently on Joystic, please let us know.