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Why should I become a supplier?

Joystic is the best way to reach in-trip and in-destination customers. We work with Hosts to ensure your products are being recommended by a voice that travellers trust. Mobile distribution saves you precious time and money. Online local agents ensure you learn valuable insights about customers and conversions.

How do I setup a promo code?

Create a promo code request by completing the form above with the details of your campaign including relevant product/s, dates, discount type and amount. Once your promotion is approved you will receive an email with the applicable code for promotion through Supplier channels as well as Joystic and our Hosts.

How do I update a product?

Select 'Update a Product' above or contact our product team at Please note we require 30 days written notice before making any changes to allocations, times or pricing.

How do I send a push notification?

To apply for a push notification, click on the form above and submit your request. Once approved you will be emailed the details of your upcoming message. To avoid spamming travellers, push notifications must be critical or valuable information as evaluated by Joystic.

How and when do I get paid?

Commissions are paid on the 20th of the following month and you will be sent a buy created tax invoice (BCTI). In each pay run we pay all fulfilled bookings, minus the commission fee.

Can I link my reservation system?

Yes, you can connect your preferred reservation system or channel manager via one of our API integrations including Fareharbor, Rezdy, Zaui and Respax (more to come!). This will help you manage all of your availability, bookings, and pricing centrally, so more Joystic customers can book your product(s) last-minute and in destination.

What are the fees?

Joystic is free for suppliers to join our marketplace, we charge only a commission on sales. Commissions vary depending on your industry, business and products. The commission fee for every fulfilled booking goes towards managing our platform, building tools, developing insights, and promoting your products across marketing channels.

What is the sign-up process?

To become a supplier on Joystic, email us at Our team will work with you to load supplier information, product data and app content. New suppliers will be communicated to our network of Hosts and will automatically appear in the app. Please note Hosts have the ability to filter suppliers from their travel assistant if they do not believe your products suit their audience.

Keen to have your products sold on Joystic?

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